Greely Divorce Lawyers

When it comes to divorce, there is no easy way to go about it. At New Leaf, we offer an alternative! We are a family law firm that helps our clients get through the divorce process with dignity and respect.

If you are facing the prospect of divorce or are still in the beginning stages of just considering it, New Leaf Family’s knowledgeable Greely divorce lawyers can empower you to achieve the most desirable outcome. We take an approach that focuses on your goals and your future.

Call today to request a case evaluation and learn more about your next steps!

The Importance Of Good Divorce Representation

When a couple divorces, they must resolve a number of important issues. These include the division of property and assets, as well as the allocation of debts and custody rights in cases involving children. In situations where a significant income disparity exists between spouses, or custody rights are at issue, spousal support and child support may also be factors to consider.

Even if you and your spouse maintain a peaceful relationship, navigating through the various emotions surrounding these challenges can prove difficult. Feelings such as stress, fear, anger, loneliness, sadness, and more may arise during this chaotic time. It is important to recognize that these intense emotions have the capacity to influence your judgment and interfere with your ability to make sound decisions that will ultimately shape your future.

When you consider how your divorce will impact every aspect of your life, you will see why it is so vital to enlist the help of compassionate and experienced Greely divorce attorneys. As divorce professionals, we possess the necessary insight to explain all available options while safeguarding both your rights and interests.

Receiving qualified legal advice can truly make a significant difference in whether you move forward confidently with the right support or harbor regret over how your divorce was handled!

A Few Reasons To Choose New Leaf Family

New Leaf Family is unique from other law firms - we’re a family law firm for every kind of family, including yours! Here are a few things that set us apart:

We can help you with any stage of the divorce process -  

If there is conflict within your family and you're unsure of what you're looking for, our firm is here to assist you. Our professional experience extends beyond the field of law; we are also skilled as coaches, counselors, and in various other professions. Our focus is centered on finding innovative solutions that don't demand surrender or compromise, and include alternatives to formal divorce you may not have thought of.

We begin by getting to know you and understanding your vision -

Most law firms begin by outlining their strengths, requesting that you entrust them with your life without first clarifying your own desires or discussing how it will actually affect your life and the lives of those closest to you. This approach can lead to misunderstanding and dissatisfaction once everything is resolved; precisely what we aim to avoid!

Our highly skilled divorce lawyers in Greely place great importance on initially engaging with you to fully explore and clarify your desires for both your personal life and future aspirations. This process allows us to develop a deep understanding of your unique circumstances, enabling us to start a journey together on the right path.

Only after gaining a comprehensive understanding of your individual needs and objectives, can we carefully outline a plan tailored to your unique vision. We will take every step we can to make this vision a reality. You can trust that every effort we make on your behalf is motivated by a relentless commitment to achieving your vision.

We do our best to minimize drama and conflict as much as possible. -

Divorce often leads to conflicts, but the most effective approach - and the one that allows you to have more influence over the terms of the divorce - is to cooperate with your spouse and find common ground. Our legal team offers several successful strategies to promote peaceful divorces and reduce both time and expense. In cases where conflict cannot be avoided, we are prepared to strongly support your interests in a court of law if required, though it is our priority to find amicable solutions whenever possible.

We do not charge by the hour -  

We understand the financial burden that divorce can bring. That's why we provide cost-effective monthly fees to assist you in planning ahead and reducing your stress. Regardless of the duration or complexity of your divorce proceedings, you will have a clear understanding of your fixed payment each month. This ensures transparency and helps prevent any surprises when it comes to billing.

Allow Our Family To Help Your Family

It’s free and confidential to reach out to New Leaf Family and discover if we’re the right fit to guide you through divorce. Contact us now to schedule a case evaluation and discover firsthand how working with us can be a life-changing experience!

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