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Parker, CO. Custody Lawyers

Determining the most suitable custody plan for your family is an essential aspect of any divorce or separation, but the thought of spending less time with your children than you would like can be excruciating. To get through this difficult time, it is important to have our dedicated Parker custody lawyers by your side who can help you reframe the situation. It’s not an ending of your relationship with your children by any means, and it doesn’t have to be all painful; we can give you the tools to see it as a new beginning, the turning over of your New Leaf as a parent!

We at New Leaf Family carefully consider every aspect of your case because we recognize how special your children are to you and how unique your family’s situation is. Our goal is always to support a custody plan that protects your children's best interests and corresponds with your preferences, and we can assist you with every aspect of custody! Get in touch with us today and discover how our experienced Parker custody lawyers can change your custody journey for the better.

How Does Colorado Custody Work?

In Colorado, joint custody arrangements involve children living with both parents, although they do not guarantee an equal division of time. On the other hand, sole custody arrangements entail children primarily residing with one parent who holds greater authority in making important decisions concerning their upbringing. Joint custody tends to be more prevalent in Colorado; the courts recognize that children do better with both parents present and involved. However, this is not always possible, particularly in cases of abuse.

If you have a strong reason to pursue sole custody, we can explain your options and present your case in the best light. If you want joint custody but aren’t sure how you and your co-parent will navigate the way forward, we can help you make good decisions through the process and lay a strong future foundation!

Custody Matters: How Are They Handled?

Determining custody arrangements is an integral part of finalizing a divorce settlement. When both parties can agree on how custody will be shared, the case is considered uncontested. However, if consensus cannot be reached, and the court needs to intervene to find a solution, it becomes a contested issue.

While negotiation, mediation, or collaboration often lead to successful resolutions, we understand that these methods may not always be feasible. In such instances where a judge must make the final decision on custody arrangements, our dedicated Parker custody lawyers will advocate for your best interests. Our team comprises experienced litigators who are well-versed in Colorado's family court system.

In contested cases, judges consider various factors when making a final determination. These include evaluating your child's needs and their relationship with both you and the other parent. Additionally, they assess the living situation and health conditions of both you and your ex-partner. All relevant considerations are taken into account.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring Our Parker Custody Lawyers?

As you enter the next phase of your life, it's important to understand that your relationships with your children and extended family members, as well as your financial stability, will be impacted by the outcome of your custody case. Your life is about to change, and that can be hard! But change can also bring growth if you remain focused on your goals and what you want your life - and your children’s lives - to be like. We take the time to build a personal connection with you and ask insightful questions because we know that in order to help you reach your goals, we need to first fully understand what you envision.

Navigating custody can be legally intricate, financially complex, emotionally draining, and often filled with conflicts. Maintaining a calm attitude is hard in these situations, and it is understandable that it can be challenging to make decisions that are good for both you and your kids. Our skilled Parker custody attorneys are well aware of this reality; we’re committed to assisting you as you explore different perspectives that you may not have previously considered. We also make an effort to look ahead to how things may change as your kids get older. In addition to this approach, we provide an honest professional evaluation of the likelihood of success if your case is contested and presented to a judge.

Your Family's Best Interests Are Our Priority At New Leaf Family

We want to help you get back in the driver’s seat of your life, rather than just letting life happen to you. We come up with legal plans based on your specific needs, and then we turn everything over to you and help you start your new life! Contact our New Leaf Family team to schedule your free case evaluation and learn more about how we can be your and your children’s partner and advocate during this time of transition.