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If you are navigating custody, you shouldn’t do so alone! Trying to find the right custody arrangement for your family can be an exhausting, confusing ordeal. You may not be able to see clearly through all the emotions you are experiencing and the many decisions before you in order to make sound choices that will lay a good foundation for your life after this transition. Our experienced Boulder custody lawyers realize how challenging custody can be. We’re here to help make it easier by empowering you through the process! Call today to schedule your free case evaluation and discuss your next steps with our legal team. 

Custody Considerations In Colorado

In Colorado, custody can be complicated. There are many different questions that have to be answered in a custody agreement, such as:

  • Who will the child(ren) live with most of the time?
  • Do they get to decide this?
  • Who will they spend holidays and special occasions with? 
  • What parent gets to choose their healthcare, education, and religion?
  • How will both parents contribute financially to their upbringing?
  • Do other adults get the right to influence their lives? 
  • What will their relationship with extended family members look like?
  • And more. 

If you can work together with the other parent to work out these issues, then you will have much more control over the outcome. However, it can be difficult to know where to start. Even if you and the other parent want to keep things amicable, there may be compromises that you’re not willing to make. New Leaf Family can help you find creative resolutions that you may not have thought through that don’t involve you giving up your vision for your and your children’s future, but that also don’t involve unnecessary conflict! 

What Sets Our Boulder Custody Lawyers Apart

Our Approach

Most lawyers start by talking, by telling you what they typically do for clients like you, what the best outcome is, and what they can do to get you there. We start by listening. We know that you might not know what you want yet, which is understandable (as you may have never encountered custody before, don’t know what to expect, and/or don’t know what certain actions will practically mean for your and your children’s lives). We’ll explain your options, engage you in a process of discovering your goals, and then tailor everything we do on your behalf based on those goals! 

Our Pricing

Most lawyers either charge hefty upfront retainers, expensive hourly billing rates, or both. The problem with that is that it’s not great for clients. Becoming a single parent is already expensive enough as it is, and sometimes (depending on the situation) it won’t be exactly possible to tell when everything will be “finalized”. It could take several months, or several years if the case has to go to court. Hourly billing rates mean your custody case could wind up being thousands upon thousands of dollars. 

Our Boulder custody lawyers instead offer predictable, set-rate monthly fees that are based on the level of complexity of your case. Some months, there will be a lot of activity on our end, and sometimes there won’t be as much, but either way your payment will remain the same. This allows you to budget and plan ahead! 

Our Full-Service Offerings

We’re more than just lawyers, and we want to be here for you long after any paperwork is submitted and approved. Our team is also trained as coaches and counselors. We have access to a large network of professionals such as realtors, financial advisors, and auto mechanics. As you are adjusting to your new normal, and as modfiications may need to be made to the terms of the custody arrangement as your children grow and change, you can rely on us to help you!

Don’t Hesitate To Learn About Your Choices. 

We’re not like other law firms - we put you and your desires first! Call our caring Boulder custody lawyers today to book a free case evaluation. There’s no cost (and no obligation) to call us and learn more about what comes next.

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