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Thornton, CO Custody Lawyers

The populous city of Thornton, Colorado is well-known for its family-friendly neighborhoods and proximity to the Rockies. However, just because it may be a picture-perfect place to raise kids doesn’t mean that every family will inevitably struggle with less-than-idyllic family conflict at some point in their lives. Sometimes, this conflict may lead to a divorce; when children are involved, this results in a custody dispute as well. If you are trying to find the right custody arrangement for your family, and you live in or near Thornton, New Leaf Family is here to guide you through the process and lead you to the best possible resolution. Call our Thornton, CO custody lawyers today to request a case evaluation and discover your next steps.

Custody Considerations In Colorado

Custody can be so intense and emotional because it is such a highly consequential matter. How custody is determined will affect your relationship with your kids, who they will live with most of the time, who they will spend holidays with, what their relationship with extended family members will be like, where they will go to school, who will get to make major decisions about their health and religious beliefs and education, what your finances will be like, what your children’s financial stability and opportunities will be like, and more. That’s why it is so important to work with knowledgeable Thornton, CO custody lawyers who are highly familiar with the custody laws and nuances in Colorado. We can explain all of your options and what you can expect so you can navigate this journey with confidence.

What Our Thornton, CO Custody Lawyers Are Like
Custody can be complicated, but at the end of the day, the best decisions about your children’s future are going to be made by you because you know and love them best, as opposed to a judge, local court, or other third party. Our experienced attorneys, coaches, and paralegals will work with you to discover and clarify what it is you want your life and your children’s lives to look and feel like. We will then work to put those decisions into place! We’ll guide you every step of the way until you arrive at your desired outcome. Everything we do for you is based on your goals and vision - our mission is empowerment!This often means taking an amicable, collaborative approach with the children’s other parent, if possible. However, it doesn’t have to mean “giving up” or compromising on your values! We are highly skilled at finding creative solutions and leading you in successful discussions and negotiations with your spouse so you can stay in control of how custody is set. If cooperation simply isn’t an option, we are more than willing to aggressively stand up for you and your children in court if necessary. Our Thornton, CO custody lawyers will form a holistic relationship with you that begins way before (and goes far beyond) the point where any legal documents are signed and “finalized”. We offer decision-making seminars, coaching, and a network of professionals like realtors and mechanics to help you with whatever comes next. If, down the road, your life changes and you need to modify your custody agreement, we can assist you. We want to be your family lawyers, for life!

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Unlike many custody firms, we don’t charge by the billable hour; we offer predictable, set monthly fees that can cut down on your financial worries. It’s free to call us to discuss your case and determine if our Thornton, CO custody lawyers are the right fit for your family’s unique needs! Schedule a case evaluation today and get peace of mind.