Arvada Divorce

Arvada Divorce Lawyers

Divorce is always difficult, but it can be easier with the right law firm on your side. If you live in or near Arvada, Colorado, and you’re thinking about divorce, call New Leaf Family! Our Arvada divorce lawyers can help you move towards the life you want to live.

What Kind Of Arvada Divorce Lawyers Should You Choose?
Many divorce lawyers start the process by telling clients what they can do for them, which may or may not be what the clients actually want. They then lead the clients down a path to achieve that outcome, whatever it takes, and may often involve costly conflict and litigation; lawyers may draw the process out (or, not intentionally speed it up) in order to increase the amount of fees that they get paid. That’s not the kind of lawyer you want to work with. At the end of your divorce, when everything is said and done, you shouldn’t have major regrets about the way the process was handled or wonder how you arrived at the outcome you did. You need to work with an attorney or group of attorneys who truly care about your present and future well-being, who will take the time to explain all of the options available to you, and who will empower you with the support and guidance to make the best choices.

What Our Divorce Firm Is Like
At New Leaf Family, empowerment is our main mission. Our experienced Arvada divorce lawyers understand that divorce isn’t just a legal issue, but first and foremost a deeply personal family issue that happens to intersect with the law. That changes our entire approach to helping you navigate your divorce. We work with clients, not just cases. We’ll get to know you, your concerns, your relationship dynamics, your financial circumstances, etc. We’ll ask you what you want - and if you don’t know yet, we will engage you in a proven process of figuring that out so both of us can have total clarity. Everything we do for you is based on your desired outcome. Our relationship with you will be holistic, and it won’t end when your divorce is finalized; we will continue to be there for you through all of life’s changes, in many different ways. That’s because we are not only trained as lawyers, but also as counselors and in other professions. We have a large network of professionals like realtors, financial advisors, auto mechanics, and others who can help you with life post-divorce.Our law firm will always seek a collaborative resolution and avoid instigating unnecessary, expensive conflict, but we are more than capable of aggressively defending you in court if it can’t be avoided. To keep our representation cost-effective and cut down on your financial worries during this season, we’ll tell you from the beginning how much our services will cost you every month. It’s predictable, and it can give you peace of mind.

Change Happens. It’s Up To You Whether You Grow From It.
We know that divorce comes with a lot of different emotions - stress, fear, worry, anger, sadness, loneliness, grief, confusion. You may be feeling completely overwhelmed and discouraged, but one of our goals is to give you a perspective shift. We want our legal advice and coaching to help you see this as a new beginning, as the turning over of your New Leaf, as an opportunity to take control of your future and live the kind of life you want to. You can’t control everything, but you can grow! We’re here to walk with you every step of the way.

Call Today To Discuss Your Needs.
If you’re considering divorce, or are already navigating it, call New Leaf Family’s compassionate Arvada divorce lawyers today to learn if we are the right fit for you. There is no cost to call and speak with us (we will be upfront and obvious when we reach the stage when fees are expected). On your initial call, we’ll get more information from you and then schedule a time to sit down and talk about your choices and next steps. We’re looking forward to speaking with you about how we can help!