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Divorce is difficult, but particularly so for children who get caught up in the turmoil surrounding divorce. It can be a confusing and painful time. While divorce is often unavoidable, most parents do not want to subject their children to the stress that accompanies it and are willing to collaborate to reach an agreement on custody that is in their child's best interests. The reality, however, is that this is not always feasible. Adjusting to being a part-time custodial parent after a divorce can be difficult, even if both parties have accepted the reality of severing ties with each other. When there is already resentment between spouses, disputes over custody can escalate quickly.

Whether your custody battle is amicable or acrimonious, you need our Fountain custody lawyers by your side to advocate for your interests and to ensure your child's interests are protected. Our divorce and custody team is ready to offer you the same professional and compassionate counsel we have provided to countless other clients. Contact our offices today to schedule a case evaluation and learn how we can help you.

Custody Considerations In Colorado

‍Child custody in Colorado can be complex. A custody agreement must address a variety of questions, including:

  • With whom will the child(ren) spend the majority of their time?
  • What input does the child have where they live?
  • When it comes to holidays and special occasions, with whom will they spend time?
  • Who gets to choose their child's healthcare, education, and religion?
  • What is the financial contribution of both parents to their children's upbringing?
  • Are other adults allowed to influence their lives?
  • In what ways will they interact with their extended family members?
  • And more.

Working together with the other parent to find solutions will give you much more say over the situation. It is not always easy to figure out how to get started. There might be concessions that you are unwilling to make, even if you and the other parent wish to maintain good relations. If you are having trouble coming up with original solutions that do not involve needless conflict, but also do not require you to give up on your dreams for the future of you and your children, the New Leaf Family can help!

Fountain Custody Lawyers: What Makes Us Different?

Unique Approach

Typically, lawyers begin by engaging prospective clients in a conversation by explaining their services, discussing the preferred outcome, and suggesting strategies to achieve it. However, our approach is different; we prioritize active listening. We recognize that you may not have a clear understanding of your goals yet, especially if you haven't dealt with custody matters before. It's perfectly normal to feel unsure about what to expect and how certain actions will practically affect your life and the lives of your children. Our goal is to offer you multiple options, assist you in identifying your objectives, and then tailor our efforts accordingly to align with those specific goals!  ‍

Predictable Pricing

‍Many attorneys require clients to pay large retainers or expensive hourly rates, which can be burdensome. This is especially true for single parents, who are already facing significant financial challenges. Additionally, it's difficult to predict when a custody case will reach its final resolution; it could take months or even years if it goes to court. With hourly billing rates, the cost of your custody case can quickly escalate into thousands of dollars.

In contrast, our Fountain custody lawyers have adopted a different approach. We offer fixed monthly fees that are determined by the complexity of your case. Whether there is extensive activity in a particular month or not, your payment remains consistent and predictable. This allows you to effectively budget and plan ahead without any unexpected financial surprises.

Comprehensive Services

Our knowledge and skills go beyond the field of law, as we aim to offer continuous assistance even after completing all required paperwork and obtaining approval. Apart from our legal expertise, our team is highly knowledgeable in coaching and counseling methods. We take pride in having a wide network of experts, such as real estate agents, financial advisors, and automotive technicians, available for your benefit. Whether you are adapting to a new schedule or contemplating changes to the custody arrangement as your children grow older, rely on us for valuable advice throughout this journey!

Discover Your Various Options Today

Unlike other law firms, we put you and your needs first! To schedule a free case evaluation, contact our compassionate Fountain custody attorneys right now. There is no cost and no obligation to contact us to learn more about what happens next.

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