Change Happens. It Is Up To You Whether You Grow From It
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At New Leaf we empower you to make the best decisions for you and your family so you can move toward the life you want to have.

You are not alone. We represent many people going through changes in their relationships. While your situation is unique, our extensive experience with families allows us to understand, and to help you fully understand, where you are … and where you want to be. Then we work with you to get you there, without allowing you to become broken through the process. We know that you may be feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and/or frightened. We help you to see this as a beginning - a starting line for a whole new chapter of your life. The turning over of your New Leaf.

Although trained as lawyers, paralegals, coaches, counselors, and in other professions, we believe that the best outcomes are based on decisions made by you, rather than by a judge, court, or other third party.  We work to put your decisions into place for yourself and your family. Then, together, we will guide you every step of the way until you arrive at where you desire to be. We help you focus on the outcome you want rather than just the current situation.

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Why should you work with New Leaf Family?

We’re not like other family law firms. From the ground up, we have built this firm, first and foremost, to work in the way that empowers you, our clients to make the best decisions for themselves and their family.

That begins with understanding. We want to understand what you want as a result of the transition you are facing. In order for this to happen we listen to you, advise you, and engage you in a process of understanding and deciding for yourself. What you want becomes our Polaris, or North Star, guiding us on this journey with you.

The truth is that most people involved in relationship conflicts have no idea what they truly want at the end of the transition they’re facing.  That makes sense.  Most people have never been in a situation like this before, and they don’t know what it will practically mean for their life if they get a certain outcome. (Or even if a certain outcome is possible.)

Many law firms start by telling clients what the law firm can do for them (which may or may not be what the clients really want) and then ask them to spend large amounts of money to get that outcome, often leaving a bloodbath of conflict along the way.

We take an entirely different approach. Our primary goal is to empower you to make the best decisions for yourself and your family. We don’t take on cases; we work with clients. We take the time to help you discover and understand your options. We don’t charge large up-front retainers; we charge affordable, predictable fees to cut down on your worries. We don’t instigate unnecessary conflict; we work to resolve your issues and give you peace of mind.  

Please don't misunderstand … when and if there is adversity and conflict, we've got your back! While it would be great if everyone acted like grownups and could get along well enough to resolve disputes, often times that is not how it works. In that circumstance, we will guide you through the process, and help keep you focused on what you really want … your Polaris, while our team of experienced professionals take on the battle on your behalf.

You can rely on New Leaf Family to lead you to the life you choose.

Empowering Clients

Our clients come to us in many different ways. Some are in shock, some are angry, some want to get things done – now! - and some aren't sure whether or what they want to change. Others come to us with more clarity. Regardless of how you are feeling about your situation at the moment, we meet you where you are.

Depending on how you come to us, we work with you to get clear about where you want to go for yourself and your family. Then, together, we make a plan to get you there. Our goal is to make the journey from where you are to where you want to be one marked by peace and growth.

Empowering Clients

Our clients come to us in many different ways. Some are in shock, some are angry, some want to get things done – now! - and some aren't sure whether or what they want to change. Others come to us with more clarity. Regardless of which one you are … we meet you where you are.

Resolve, when possible

Resolution does not mean giving up, or giving in. To re-solve means to find another solution – to find what works. While it may mean making some compromises where it legitimately makes sense to, lasting resolution can only be found if those affected by the solution are invested in it, and believe in it. 

The goal of resolution isn’t permanence. Rather, any resolution should acknowledge that change will continue to happen. Children’s needs will change as they grow up. People may move or change jobs. Unexpected events will happen … and change, and growth, will be a part of life, as it always is. Striving toward resolution does not require a lack of conflict or dispute, but it does require a commitment that finding a way forward is more important than continuing to fight.

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ADVOCATE, when necessary

Sometimes people just can’t reach an agreement. Sometimes feelings are too hurt on one side or the other to allow the parties to come together and create a resolution that they can all live with. Sometimes there are pragmatic factors in life that no amount of creative problem solving can overcome. Sometimes the other person just won’t even come to the table in the first place. 

Whatever the reason, when it does become apparent that the dispute needs to head to court, we are there for you. We’ve got your back. Unlike many other family lawyers, our focus remains on finding a working, lasting solution, wherever we can … without compromising your values. Our focus is never on prolonging the process. There is no “winning” unless we can empower you to make the best decisions for yourself and your family. New Leaf Family will stand up for you without stirring up unnecessary conflict.

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What people say about us?


New Leaf Family will not disappoint! They truly care about you, work hard to make sure they accomplish the best outcome for you and your family, and are very clear/communicative. Amber McClain is the best of the best- she’s thorough, honest, personable, and so kind. She makes sure to always communicate every step of your process with you, and both she and her paralegal Ashleigh are never hard to reach. I have worked with Amber McClain twice now, and each time has been nothing but a pleasant experience. I won’t ever go anywhere else for help. I am so grateful to Amber and everyone at this firm! Definitely worth every cent!!


If any of you are looking for a GREAT Lawyer, Amber McClain and her staff are the BEST. They helped me with our granddaughters situation. Amber will do everything she can to get things done.


I had a legal issue that had been sitting for over 18 years. Saw an ad for New Leaf Family and thought perfect fit since my problem was not going to be that big. Boy was I wrong. The you know what hit the fan and I thought I was going to have to go another route with one of those big name firms that just suck everybody dry. Everything I had accomplished in the last 18 years was in jeopardy. A meeting was setup immediately with Christopher. After 1 minute into the meeting I was sold on New Leaf Family. I was assigned an AMAZING TEAM Meredith my lawyer and Tara my paralegal. Two amazing people that helped and supported me throught the whole process. It was long (much longer than originally expected) hard process and Tara was aways there to help and guide me through. A fighter is what I needed and that is what I got with Meredith. She fought for me and in the end the 18 year old problem was history and my future was still bright. Can’t say enough about this firm that i just happened upon that day. If I ever have another legal issue I know exactly where I’m going. T.R.


They are amazing! When I first came to them I had a terrible attorney and my case felt lost. They help me more than I could have ever imagined, very responsive and will do everything in their power to help you advocate for yourself in a trying time. Ryen and Tara were the best to work with!


Shelly Dill is amazing. Not only is she a great attorney, she is very thoughtful and pragmatic in finding solutions with the least negative impact in a difficult situation. Additionally, Ms. Dill showed empathy for the situation our family found ourselves in and offered great counsel as well as strategized different solutions to potential future events. Her insights into the situation was spot on and she provided peace of mind while representing us in a way that took into account our wants and needs. She never inserted her opinion, except when asked, and I feel she worked for us in a way that was very respectful. If we should need legal representation in the future (which I hope we do not) there is no doubt who will be the first person I will call.Excellent firm as well and great scheduling which was virtual and very convenient. M.D.

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