Change Happens. It's Up To You Whether Growth Does.

If you are going through a change in your relationship, you are not alone. While it may be a turbulent or uncertain time, it is something that countless others have gone through. Some have been broken by the process, and some have allowed the difficult time to serve as a starting line for a whole new chapter of their lives. At New Leaf we provide the structure and process to help you best navigate the path toward growth. Though trained as lawyers, we believe that the best outcomes are based on decisions made by those affected by those decisions, rather than by a judge or court process. Often you won’t know how to make those important decisions.

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RESOLVE, when possible.

Resolution does not mean giving up, or giving in. To re-solve means to find another solution – to find what works. While it may mean making some compromises where it legitimately makes sense to, lasting resolution can only be found if those affected by the solution are invested in it – if they believe in it. Resolution generally should not be one that ends in “This is how it is, and how it always will be.” Rather, any resolution should acknowledge that change will continue to happen – that children’s needs will change as they grow up, that people may move or change jobs, and that unexpected events can come into play. Striving toward resolution does not require a lack of conflict or dispute, but it does require a commitment that finding a way forward is more important than continuing to fight.

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ADVOCATE, when necessary.

Sometimes people just can’t reach an agreement. Sometimes feelings are too hurt on one side or the other to allow there to be an agreement. Sometimes there are pragmatic factors in life that no amount of creative problem solving can overcome. Sometimes the other person just won’t come to the table in the first place. Whatever the reason, when it does become apparent that advocacy is necessary, we are there for you. We’ve got your back. Unlike many advocates, our focus remains on finding a working, lasting resolution, not making multiple nerve-wracking court appearances intended to prolong the process. Too often the outcome in court is that even when you “win” you lose, whether because the children have been dragged through the court process, the resulting decision is not what’s best for the children, or both sides have had to spend way too much money for no good reason. Our approach at every turn is to seek that re-solution.

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At New Leaf Family, we focus on Family Law and we are here to listen to you and help you navigate the legal system.

Why should you work with New Leaf Family?

If you're like most people going through a relationship conflict, you may have no idea what it is that you want going forward. After all, you've probably never really been in a situation like this before, and may not have a sense for what it “really means” for your life if you try to get this versus that… Most law firms will start by asking you what you “want” (which may or may not be what you actually really do want) – and then will ask you to spend all kinds of money to get it... leaving a blood bath of conflict along the way.

We're not like other law firms. Our primary goal is to empower you to make the best decisions for yourself and your family. We do that by taking you through a process that helps you to determine what really is important, and what's not, and focusing on the results you want, rather than the conflict that you are in at the moment.

Please don't misunderstand … when and if there is adversity and conflict, we've got your back! While it would be great if everyone acted like grownups and could get along well enough to resolve disputes, often times that is not how it works. Sometimes, there are even other dynamics involved – mental illness, domestic violence, emotional abuse, bullying, etc.

We are prepared for these dynamics if they are present. We also recognize that if you are in a situation where you've been subjected to trauma, those are not the times when you will feel most able to make the best decisions. In addition to our lawyers working on your case, we have counselors and other professionals who work with you on your future life. That being said, if the situation is relatively amicable and everyone is able to get along enough to work through the issues, then (unfortunately unlike many lawyers) we will not stir up conflict just to prolong the process!

We work hard to help you come through this process feeling that you are actively building your life going forward according to your values.

Empowering Clients

Our clients come to us in many different ways. Some are in shock, some are angry, some want to get things done – now! - and some aren't sure whether or what they want to change. Others come to us with more clarity. Regardless, we meet them where they are.

Depending on how you come to us, we work with you to get clear about where you want to go for yourself and your family. Then, together, we make a plan to get you there, and to make the journey from where you are to where you want to be one during which you can find peace and grow.

Skilled Representation In All Aspects Of Family Conflicts

In the meantime, you also will know that you have a team of experienced practitioners working hard to effectuate your plan. We will work on the technical details involving your time with your children, your living situation, financial support, property distribution, and the like. We do this with the confidence that comes from experience, which also allows us to not instigate unnecessary conflict for you, or your family.

YOU are our client. We don't take on cases. We work with clients. We can't guarantee specific results for anyone … but what we can promise is that we will work hard to put you in the position to make the most important decisions for your future, in accordance with what is most important to you.

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If you’re ready to explore your options, and to begin working with a team that will be focused on helping you build your future … we’re here for you.

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