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Family issues involving children are some of the most emotionally difficult aspects of any divorce, separation, or other family transition. It can be incredibly overwhelming for parents to determine how much time each of them will spend with the children and how much decision-making authority they each will have over their kids’ lives. Trying to make these decisions can be sad and stressful because parenting plans, parental decision making, custody matters, visitation and parental rights aren’t just legal issues; they are deeply personal issues that will have a major impact on your life, your relationship with your children, your children’s well-being, and the life of the other parent. Because how the matter is resolved is so consequential, it’s important that you work with compassionate, experienced Denver custody lawyers who are going to empower you and your children to grow through this process. 

New Leaf Family is not like other custody firms. We take an unconventional approach to family conflict, one that helps families to lay the best foundation for the next stage. We give parents the support, guidance, and legal advocacy to empower them to make the best decisions for their families. Our goal is to provide much-needed clarity during a time that can be clouded by intense emotion. If you want to speak to someone on a legal team that is focused on building your family’s future, we’re here for you. Contact us today to schedule a free case evaluation and learn more about your options. 

What Most Custody Firms Do

Any family transition is likely to be full of turmoil. People who are facing the prospect of having to share children are, more often than not, scared and confused. They may not know what the future will look like or even what they want it to look like. They may not realize what is most important to their kids, or they may struggle if their wishes and their children’s perceived interests seem to differ. It can take a long time, and be a challenging process, for parents to work through their emotions and gain clarity about their family goals. 

Unfortunately, most firms that handle child custody don’t take the time to help their clients build a clear vision of the future for themselves and their family. This is where New Leaf will always begin. Other law firms tell clients what they can do for them without first finding out what the clients actually want. They then move forward with a solution that may not be exactly what the client would have chosen. Many law firms will  pursue that outcome through high-conflict battles that cost much in money and pain, and that are terrible for the children and the adults involved. The lawyer may say that they “won”, but when everything is said and done, it won’t feel that way. Parents may find themselves regretting choices they made, unhappy with the arrangement, and not sure what to do next. 

Our Denver custody lawyers take a completely different approach to family issues involving children because we actually care about your life and your childrens’ lives …  not just about “winning” your case. We care about your future, not just the here and now. We care about empowering you to make the best choices for your family based on your desires, not just what we think may be best for you. 

Please don’t misunderstand us - sometimes, fighting can’t be avoided in the custody process, and we are more than capable of representing you in the courtroom if that’s what we need to do to protect your child’s best interests. We just hold that as a last resort, because we know reaching an amicable, collaborative resolution is better for everyone. 

You can trust us to help you, whatever stage of the process you are at.

How Our Denver Custody Lawyers Approach Family Issues Involving Children 

New Leaf Family will start by working with you to define what your ideal outcome is, and lead you down the path to getting there. We can help you understand how Colorado’s custody laws can affect your situation, just like other Denver custody lawyers can, but because our focus is on empowering you - we know you are a person with a family, not just another case - the experience of working with us will be uniquely your own!


Our number one goal, as we’ve mentioned already, is to empower you to make the choices that will result in the life that you want for you and for your children. We’ll listen to you. We’ll get an accurate picture of your financial situation, relationship dynamics, your fears, your hopes. We’ll get to know you. 

If you already know what you want, we can offer you legal advice about your next steps. If you don’t know what you want, we can engage you with a decision making process that can make that clearer to you and to us. Either way, every single thing that our law firm does for you or on your behalf will be to achieve that desired resolution. 

Predictable Fees

New Leaf isn’t here to “sell” you custody representation. We’re not here to make money off of your family crisis, so we don’t charge you up-front retainers or huge hourly billing rates. We’re here to guide you in growth, without inciting expensive conflict (if it can be avoided). To that end, we will tell you from the start how much our services will cost you every month. You don’t have to worry about being hit with surprise fees associated with your situation or being billed for every time you call to ask us a question. You have enough on your plate; our predictable fees can reduce your stress. 

There is NO fee to reach out to our firm and see if we’re a good fit for you (we’ll be clear when we reach the point where fees are expected). Call us to give us some basic information and then schedule a time to talk about your family journe in more depth. 

Long-Term, Holistic Relationship

We are Denver custody lawyers, but we’re not only that. Our relationship with you isn’t over when an agreement is reached or a court order is signed; we continue to assist you as you navigate life’s changes immediately after custody is determined and beyond.  Figuring out how to parent your child in the new normal can be tough, and even when custody is “set”, it’s not set in stone (and can be altered based on any significant change in life circumstances). We offer coaching and group seminars. We have a network of real estate agents, financial advisors, auto mechanics, and other professionals who can help you with the logistics of the next stage of your life.  

Custody Reflects Change. You May Not Be Able To Stop Your Family From Changing, But You Can Control Whether You Grow From It. 

Our knowledgeable, caring Denver custody lawyers are all about growth. We want to promote growth in your life, not just in spite of, but because of the tough time you’re going through. We can help you find that perspective when it comes to walking through this hard family transition. 

Sports teams that have great coaches to push them, analyze them, encourage them, guide them, and support them are much more likely to play their best and improve their skills (and to reach their goals!) than sports teams who don’t have good coaches. That’s a big part of what we do here at New Leaf Family. We’re attorneys, but we’re attorneys who see ourselves as coaches, helping our clients strive for the lives they want. 

Reaching a custody agreement can take time, so it’s best to speak with someone as soon as it’s clear that a family change is happening. Call us today to start the conversation!

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