Allocation Of Parental Responsibility

When a couple decides to go their separate ways, but they share a child together, deciding how much time each parent will spend with the child can be the most difficult part of divorce or separation. In Colorado, what’s commonly known as “custody” is actually referred to legally as “allocation of parental responsibilities.”

At New Leaf Family, we take a different approach to the allocation of parental responsibilities than most other firms do. We recognize that parenting plans, visitation rights, and other custody matters extend beyond legal issues, touching on significant and sensitive aspects of your life.

If you need help creating an arrangement for the allocation of parental responsibility, New Leaf Family’s compassionate and experienced custody attorneys can help. Call now to schedule a free initial case evaluation and discover your next steps.

How Does Allocation Of Parental Responsibility Work In Colorado?

In Colorado, there are two types of parental responsibilities: physical custody, also known as parenting time, and legal custody, also known as decision-making. Parenting time refers to who the children live with the majority of the time and how frequently they see the other parent. Decision-making refers to how parents share authority and responsibility of making choices about important aspects of their children’s lives, like their education, healthcare, religious upbringing, etc.

In some cases, splitting responsibilities 50/50 isn’t going to be feasible. If that’s the case for you, we can help you and your co-parent create what’s called a parenting plan to determine which of you will be responsible for what. The ability to work collaboratively on this is greatly beneficial to you and your child.

However, if for some reason you and your co-parent don’t see eye to eye, a judge will have the final say on your arrangement, which isn’t ideal since they don’t know or understand your child’s needs like you do. That’s why we do everything we can to keep the decision-making power in you and your co-parent’s hands.

Many people come into the custody process unaware of their parental rights and legal options. At New Leaf Family, we ensure you understand the choices available to you, as well as how each choice might impact your life. Then we guide you through every step of the process so that you have the best chance at reaching your ideal outcome.

What Does Parental Responsibility Mean For Me?

Parenting Time…

  • is a responsibility Colorado courts prefer parents share.
  • is a schedule outlining when the child will be with you and when they’ll be with their other parent.
  • includes day-to-day care and living arrangements.
  • ensures your child maintains a strong relationship with both you and their other parent.
  • provides your child with a stable routine.

Decision Making…

  • is a responsibility Colorado courts prefer parents share.
  • involves the authority to make important decisions about your child’s health, upbringing, education, and more.
  • should always revolve around your child’s best interests.

Let New Leaf Family Help You Build A Future For Your Family

At New Leaf Family, we work hard to make your vision for your family a reality. Your living situation, financial support, parenting time, and other aspects of your life are always taken into consideration. We prefer to prioritize peaceful resolutions for the sake of your children, but we’re also willing and able to fight when necessary for your desired outcome.

Since circumstances for you, your co-parent, or your child can change, there may come a time when you need assistance with post-decree custody modification. We can help you make whatever adjustments might be needed so that your custody arrangement continues to serve the best interests of your child.

Call New Leaf Family today to schedule a free initial case evaluation where we can explain our process, and get to know you and your situation.

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