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It is not advisable for you to handle custody proceedings alone! Attempting to determine the most suitable custody arrangement for your family can be a taxing and perplexing challenge. It is possible that your emotions are getting in the way of your ability to see clearly, especially when it comes to all the choices you have to make to build a solid foundation for you and your children after this transition. Having to deal with custody issues can be challenging, and our Windsor custody lawyers understand that. We're here to empower you throughout the process to make it easier! Schedule your free legal case evaluation with our team today to discuss your next steps.

The Colorado Custody System

Custody matters in Colorado can be complicated. A custody agreement must include answers to a wide range of questions, including:

  • Who will the child(ren) spend the majority of their time with?
  • What say do the children have in where they live?
  • With whom will they celebrate holidays and important events?
  • Which parent has the final say over their child's education, healthcare, and religion?
  • What financial contribution will each parent make to their upbringing?
  • Do other adults have the right to have an impact on their life?
  • What kind of relationship will they have with members of their extended family?
  • And more.

You will be in much more control of the result if you can resolve these conflicts with the other parent. Still, it can be hard to know where to begin. You might not be willing to make certain concessions, even if you and the other parent wish to maintain good relations. Our experienced Winsor custody lawyers at New Leaf Family can assist you in coming up with creative solutions that you might not have considered and that do not require you to give up on your dreams for the future of you and your kids—while also avoiding needless conflict!

Windsor Custody Lawyers: What Sets Us Apart?

  • Our Client-Centered Approach

Typically, lawyers start by talking, by describing what they do for clients like you, what the best outcome is, and how they can help you get there. We start by listening to you. It's understandable that you might not know exactly what you want yet (because you might have never dealt with custody before, don't know what to expect, or don't know what certain actions will mean). Once we find out your goals, we'll tailor everything we do on your behalf based on those goals!

  • Our Predictable Pricing

The majority of attorneys demand large upfront retainers, high hourly rates, or both. The issue is that it is not ideal for clients. Being a single parent is already expensive, and it is not always possible to predict when everything will be "finalized." If the case has to go to court, it could take several months or even years. With hourly billing rates, your custody case could cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Instead, our Windsor custody lawyers provide predictable, flat-rate monthly fees based on the complexity of your case. Your payment will stay the same every month, even if there is a lot going on on our end. This allows you to budget and plan ahead!

  • Our Full-Service Solutions

We want to be there for you long after the paperwork is filed and accepted because we are more than just attorneys. We have also trained as counselors and coaches for our team. Our vast professional network includes auto mechanics, financial advisors, and real estate agents. You can count on us to support you as you adjust to your new normal and as your children grow and change and the terms of the custody arrangement may need to be adjusted!

Learn About Your Options Today

Unlike other law firms, we prioritize your needs and wants! For a free case evaluation, give our compassionate Windsor custody attorneys a call right now. You can contact us to find out more about what happens next at no cost or obligation.