Golden Divorce

Golden Divorce Lawyers

If you’re contemplating getting divorced, or are already in the beginning of proceedings, having the right attorneys on your side can make a difference in both the outcome you are able to achieve and the ease with which you are able to navigate the journey. The compassionate, knowledgeable Golden divorce lawyers at New Leaf Family are focused on helping you build your future. We can empower you to make strategic choices and grow through this major life change! Call today to speak with our legal team about your options and learn more about what we can do to serve you.

Our Golden Divorce Lawyers Understand What You Are Going Through.
Divorce can be really hard, even if there isn’t a dramatic reason for the split. The end of your marriage may be highly emotional. You may be feeling devastated, angry, confused, lonely, sad, and scared. There may be conflict involved over how property should be divided, how custody should be divided, or how other aspects of the divorce should unfold. We know that you may be feeling completely overwhelmed. You may not know what your options are or even what you want the outcome to be. That’s why at New Leaf Family, we start not by telling you what we can do for you, but by engaging you in a process of clarifying what you want your life after divorce to look like. Once you are confident in your goals, everything we do for you will revolve around them!

We Take The Time To Help You Understand The Best Way Forward.
Most of the time, an amicable divorce - where spouses can work together to work out their issues and set the terms of their divorce - is going to be easiest and smoothest on everyone involved, and is going to give the spouses the most control over their lives (as opposed to putting final decisions in the hands of a judge who doesn’t know the family’s unique history). However, if fighting can’t be avoided, our Golden divorce lawyers aren’t afraid to aggressively protect your rights and interests if necessary! We can answer all of your questions about the divorce process. We will also ask you questions so we can get to know your family dynamics, your fears, your financial circumstances, and more, and then offer you personalized representation based on your specific needs and situation. Our firm isn’t just here to “sell” you a divorce as if it were a product; we want to form a holistic relationship with you! From before any papers are even signed to years after your divorce has been finalized, our lawyers and coaches and counselors are on your team and always available to help you. We also have access to a large network of other professionals such as auto mechanics, finance advisors, real estate agents, and others who you may need to consult in the future. To cut down on your financial stress (because divorce can be expensive), we don’t charge upfront fees or bill by the hour. Our prices don’t change based on how much activity there is in your case! We will tell you at the beginning how much our legal services will cost you every month so that you can plan ahead. While we’re not a “cheap” firm, because we strive to provide the highest quality representation, we are affordable and reasonable for most people.

New Leaf Family Is Here For You At Every Stage Of The Process.
Change isn’t always in your control, but what you can control is how you grow from it! Our focus is your empowerment. We have created a vision and offerings at our firm that not only allow you to deal with your divorce in a non-damaging way, but that actually promote growth because of the difficulties you are facing. We help you to see this as a beginning, as a starting line for a whole new chapter of your life, as the turning over of your New Leaf! Divorce can take months or even years. Even if you are not sure if you want to move forward yet, it’s a good idea to call us today to discuss your next steps! It costs you nothing to call our Golden divorce lawyers to get more information and discover if we are the right fit; we will be obvious and upfront when we reach the stage where fees are expected. Our team is looking forward to speaking with you!