There is a better way to handle family and relationship conflicts. Our mission is to empower our clients to make the best decisions they can for themselves and their families, and then to help them implement those decisions. We practice in family law, but this is not a typical family law firm. The work you do will contribute to work that helps clients in very real ways.

The founders believe that:

  • There is a better way to handle family conflict
  • Each client is best suited to determine what they want in the next chapter of their life
  • We better serve clients by helping them build the future that they want instead of imposing the “traditional” family law solutions
  • The members of our team thrive in an environment focused on empowering our clients

We are looking for family law professionals who would like to work with a team that believes as we do, and want to focus on helping our clients to build their futures.

Experienced Associate Attorney

Experienced Family Law Paralegal