Going through a change in a relationship can make you feel scared, angry, overwhelmed, or helpless - or maybe all of the above. Relationship and family conflict can make the future uncertain; unfortunately, the legal system often takes advantage of this uncertainty and leads people into high-conflict, high-cost divorce battles, which do little to build the next chapter of the parties’ lives. At New Leaf Family, we do things differently. While we have the experience and ability to defend you against attack, we always seek to help couples not by pitting them against each other but by empowering them to make the right decisions for themselves and their family. This could mean guiding you in growth through resolution, or it could be guiding you in growth through divorce. 

We serve clients at every stage of the divorce process - couples who are considering divorce, couples who want to proceed with divorce, and couples post-divorce. We help you determine what you really want and what matters most so you can work towards a positive future, whatever stage of life you are in. The compassionate team at New Leaf Family understands that divorce isn’t just a legal issue; it is a deeply personal family issue that intersects with the law. That changes everything about the way we handle your divorce! 

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