Selena Besirevic


Selena knew even back in high school that she wanted to be an attorney. After resettling in the United States in 1995 from Bosnia and Hercegovina, Selena’s passion for helping people only grew with each year passing and she knew that being an attorney is the way to do that. 

She is an advocate for clients who don’t have a voice or feel as if they are not being heard. Selena is an advocate for those who are at the most vulnerable chapter of their lives and they need guidance, not more complications. She believes in getting to know the heart of her client’s wishes and goals, not just knowing the law behind the legal case. 

Prior to joining New Leaf, Selena has been in family law practice close to 10 years and is licensed in Kansas and Colorado. She served 6 years on a Board for national organization for human rights; has advocated on the Capitol Hill in DC and has attended meetings at the White House all as part of her human rights advocacy thought out the last 16 years. 

Selena spends her leisure time with her very sassy daughter and enjoys outdoors any change she gets.