Meredith Callan


Meredith believes that family, whether “blood relatives” or chosen family, is a cornerstone to an individual’s well-being. As such, Meredith uses a holistic approach to her cases, and is heartfelt in advocating on behalf of her clients.  

When emotions are high, especially in contentious cases, Meredith knows that it can be challenging for our clients to keep the big picture in mind, and so she helps them to remain focused on their goals, and to make the best possible decisions for themselves, and their families.  

Meredith finds great joy in helping her clients navigate settlements that provides the best and fairest outcome for the parties and their children, whenever possible. When necessary, however, Meredith also will gladly litigate on behalf of her clients to ensure that they receive the best outcome through the courts.  

Meredith is admitted to practice law in the State of California (2011), State of Colorado (2017), and the United States District Court for the District of Colorado. She also has a Master of Science in Legal Administration from the University of Denver, Strum School of Law. Meredith is currently a member of the Colorado Bar Association including the Family Law Section, 1st Judicial District, Adams Broomfield Bar Association, and Colorado Criminal Bar Association. Meredith serves as the Administrator for the Minoru Yasui Inn of Court.