Steven Crague


As a family law attorney with New Leaf Law, Steven is driven to work tirelessly to help his clients stay focused on what is important to them and their family.  Steven strives to provide individual attention to his clients unique situations, and give them a strong voice in a process that often times appears indifferent to their needs.  

Steven Crague has extensive experience with helping clients to work through stressful situations when hard choices have to be made. Steven works hard to empower clients by making sure they have the information they need to make the best choices for themselves (and their families) in every situation.  

Steven grew up in Colorado and has extensive personal ties to the western slope. Steven attended the University of Northern Colorado where he earned bachelors degrees in Political Science and Economics. After undergrad, Steven volunteered with the Peace Corps. Steven attended Suffolk University Law School in Boston Massachusetts.  

Steven was admitted to practice law in Colorado in 2012. Prior to joining New Leaf Family, Steven worked as a deputy district attorney in Mesa County, Sedgwick, Phillips, Yuma, and Kit Carson Counties where he prosecuted countless child abuse and domestic violence cases. Later he with the Greeley City Attorney’s Office. Steven is currently a member of the Colorado Bar Association including the Family Law and Criminal Law Section, 19th Judicial District and the 21st Judicial District.  

When not working on cases, Steven enjoys taking part in all that Colorado has to offer. From sampling craft beers and enjoying great locally owned restaurants to visiting many of Colorado’s most remote natural wonders.