Ryen Schimerman


Ryen C. Schimerman is a Lead Attorney with New Leaf Family.  In addition to family law, he has a strong background in criminal defense and mental healh. Ryen has the unique ability to help clients through the emotional turmoil and pain that inevitably comes with any family dispute.  He endeavors to meet each client with compassion, without judgement, and in support of their individual strengths.

Born raised in Colorado to the son of a coal miner, Ryen grew up knowing both the natural wonders and contrasts that come with living in the rural West.  Not content to just enjoy the simple pleasures of the state, Ryen devoted himself to the practice of mental health before moving on to law school.  After gaining his Juris Doctorate, Ryen worked as far afield as the Northeast, Appalachia, and the Deep South before returning home.

As a lawyer Ryen believes that each client deserves his counsel and his advocacy, in addition to representation in the courtroom.  Moreover, each client and each case deserve a fair appraisal, and a candid explanation of the outcomes.  Ryen did not just join New Leaf for a job, but because he believes in the firm’s mission to empower its clients toward making the best decisions for themselves and their individual family.

Ryen is licensed to practice law in New Hampshire, Kentucky, Alabama, and Colorado.   

As a Coloradan, Ryen is a mutt loving backpacker in the summer and a free-heeled tree-weeny when the snow comes.  While in the Northeast, this landlubber became partial to the open ocean, but is now content to throw a paddleboard in whatever mudpuddle swells up come Spring.  Whether it is a relaxing sip of whiskey by the fire or an old-fashioned donnybrook amongst friends, Ryen is usually game for a new hobby, a new conversation, or just any new adventure that might be had.