We call the firm New Leaf Family for a reason.

We work with our clients from the beginning.  For some, this is from the time they are considering making a change in their family.  For others, change happens fast, or their spouse has started the process already.  Regardless, when you start considering your options, we're here for you.  We have:

  • Free resources for you, including our Blog Posts, and "Ask Me Anything" videos, where you send a question, and when it is appropriate, we post an anonymized answer for you (and others with the same problem/issue).
  • Inexpensive "Family Subscriptions" that give you access to our group calls, and deep discounts to our paid workshops
  • One on one consultation and/or consulting with a professional appropriate to your needs.
  • Assistance with making what can be the most important decisions in your life.

We stay with our clients through the middle.  This is where we help you implement the decisions you have made.  This is also where most other law firms start.  Except many of them immediately see this as a "case."  We have tried to get to know you, and through you, your family, so that you're not even just a client, but part of our family, too.  We work with you to try to move you and your family forward, while minimizing the damage (and the cost) that can sometimes result in divorce, custody and other "family law" matters.  Yet, rest assured, when the going gets tough, our experienced team will be in your corner.  Sometimes your spouse or partner refuses to help find common ground.  In that case, we will represent your interests, and your choices, forcefully and zealously when necessary.

Then we continue to serve you after the initial changes have been made.  Once you have been separated, divorced, signed a post-nuptial, changed custody or parenting time, or implemented whatever changes you have, you're still a part of the New Leaf Family.  There are so many things that you may be concerned about, and we don't just show you the door, to figure it out for yourself.  We will assign you a "concierge" that will make sure you have the information and the resources that you need, including:

  • real estate (needing to find a new home for yourself and/or your family)
  • counseling
  • car dealers
  • banking
  • estate planning
  • makeovers
  • vacation or "get-away"
  • spa day
  • etc.

Why would we do any less?  You're Family.

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