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What if there were a better way to practice Family Law? Better yet, what if there were a better way to handle the ending of a marriage, the decisions about child custody, and other relationship conflict issues altogether?  Those are the questions our firm seeks to answer. And we want you to be a part of it if you're a good fit.

Many attorneys who have practiced family law for a while are exhausted. The level of intensity, the drama, the needless escalation of conflict, the heartbreak – it's enough to wear anyone down. But what if you had not just more support, but better ways of doing things, so that the balance was such that most days you feel awesome about how much you are making a real impact on people's lives, punctuated by a couple of bad days here and there – as opposed the opposite.

To be a good fit for this role, you should be someone who is looking for an opportunity to focus on helping people navigate the biggest decisions they will face in their lives: changes in their family. Whether divorce, separation, custody, parenting time, visitation, or other family changes, disputes, or crises, you want to help them reach the best outcome that is consistent with their values.

We need you to be proficient in Colorado Family Law practice and procedure, but not wedded to “the way things have always been done.” We need you to be an optimist, and a realist, at the same time.  We need you to be creative and able to think outside the box, while also adhering to the established parameters of law and court procedure. You are beyond having anyone pull the wool over your eyes, and well beyond ever taking it personally if they try.

Of course, you have the skills necessary to advocate for our clients before a mediator or a court. You also know that litigation is not always the path to the best outcome. You are not motivated by the thrill of the other side losing but are dedicated to achieving an optimal outcome for our clients consistent with their values – which you may help them discover.

You understand that this process is about more than writing legal documents. You are eager to be the captain of a team that can go beyond the “bare minimum” and provides all the help the clients may need. You are excited about being part of a firm that will be there for them, even outside the strictly legal aspects of these major life changes --whether it be help finding a new home, a car, the right insurance, a babysitter, or an IT guy... 

You are committed, above all, and in everything we do, to an excellent experience for our clients.

If you're still reading this, and believe this might be a role for you, let me tell you about us. AndersonDodson is opening a family law practice serving Jefferson County (for now), Colorado. We are combining our talents of running a successful law firm out east, with the experience of having built a very successful family law practice before, and wanting to do it again ... better than ever. This will serve as a model for growth in Colorado, and likely beyond.

But ... we are starting small. What we're looking for is someone who is OK coming on as a Contract Attorney for 3-6 months, and then full-time after that. We are not looking to replace the contract attorney with a full-timer, but rather help you grow into the role, as we grow the number of clients we serve. We have committed substantial resources to attract the right clients to the firm, in the right quantities to build this up quickly ... but not so quickly as to compromise the excellent client experience.

When you apply, please briefly let me know why this role, in particular, gets you excited...

We look forward to hearing from you!

If you are interested in the role as New Leaf Associate, the first step is to let us know! We will then be in touch to advise you what to do next.

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